Grafiti Spotted in Kota Kinabalu City – Update

Posted: November 14, 2008 in On The Spot
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If you guys still remember from the previous post of Grafiti Spotted in Kota Kinabalu City.. here is an update!


I spotted these new additional painting at the same place last week..


This time the painting was in black colored with few cartoon-human figure.


It seems to me the painting illustrate something like a group of ‘skin head’ teenagers


Whom need some room of freedom from their noisy parents/guardian..


I’m not sure if the painting meant to be that way, well.. that’s what I thought la, if you have any further under standing of the painting, I would love to hear..  just the question still remain with no answer.. sepa punya kerja la ba this??

  1. chegu carol says:

    it sure still look nice to see, right?
    everytime i pass by the place, never miss to stare in awe at those grafiti…but yabah, sepa punya kerja lah tu kan?

  2. sofea says:

    Its an ‘art crime’ (some people say..) But it is not for me.. This is just an activity for some group of youngsters especially those in an urban areas…Ive stayed in UK for couple of years…and I saw lots of these in the urban and sub urban areas…some are so beautiful and it is not easy you know..u really need a ‘skill’ to do this….and of course time lah….MELEPAK DAN BEREMBUN tak kira masa……

  3. Daniel says:

    Rogues painting graffiti on abandoned site? I say keep it up, fellas!

  4. esharkj says:

    chegu carol,
    Tulah, kalu sia tau sepa yg bikin…mau jugak sia join bah!

    I’m willing to participate for some garfiti works FREE of charge if I had a chance here, but only for official one lah, not the illegal one.

    yeah! keep rockin guys.. just don’t ruin any historical building kio.

  5. cheska says:

    oh yeah, i saw them and i also admire them. if they are troubled teens, i hope social welfare services can find them. talent like that should be encouraged and nurtured. though not necessarily on abandoned buildings. it does make the dull area very artsy and quaint.

  6. spacemanship says:

    haha..they are not some troubled teens..they were art student at one of local college here in kota Kinabalu. They are very talented group of teens and at the moment some of them doing a freelance work. I google around to find some pictures of their graffiti at the abandoned buildings then bump into this site, least we clear on something.cheers!

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