Malaysia Craft Promotion 2008 – Sabah Handicrafts

Posted: October 24, 2008 in What's Hapenin
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The Malaysia Craft Promotion 2008 was held at the Lintasan Deasoka, Kota Kinabalu on last friday which started at 10am until 10pm. Most of all these handicrafts are originally home-made by a number of Sabahan locals like Bajau, Muruts, Kadazan, Kadayan, Sungai and Brunei.

A number of home-made zipped hand bags.

a perfect souvenir for your NON Sabahan friends

Colorful patterned beads..

Most of the handicrafts comes with lots of choices for you to choose.

These are some of the tools mostly used by the Kadazan community.

Scale model wooden boat by the Sungai community

The exhibitions also showcase several live handicrafts demonstrations.

Hand-made viola..

Vinusak or Litai.. creative home-made beads by the Rungus community.

  1. ethel says:

    Jgn bilang non-Sabahan, sia pun bili ni barang ni kalau se nampak! 😀

  2. esharkj says:

    I knew you ethel, suka shopping bah! heh! heh! btw Sabahan handicraft memang nice quality bah, I love it too.

  3. sofea says:

    I love handicrafts….those shown are so nice…! I like the traditional weapons and tools….can be one of the house deco as well….! can courier one to KL…tak ? I pay laaaa……..

  4. esharkj says:

    ooo.. you like it so much ka.. courier?? sure can, bulih bah! but from my side I don’t hv any service like that, I hv to buy sendiri la for you..

    p/s: Hmmm.. ada potential bulih buat bisnis online sudah sia nih!

  5. sofea says:

    Ya lah….why not ! I can promote here in KL. You export, I import…! As long as can make money… boleh saja.. ! No hal !!!…….Business online pun bagus..

    Anyway,back to my request..buatlah sikit amal jariah…you buy then i pay… Deal??

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