Monsopiad Tattoo & Art Exhibition

Posted: October 18, 2008 in On The Spot
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As announced, Monsopiad Cultural Village is now having their Tattoo and Art Exhibition along the month of October and me once as a fine art students before + tribal pattern was one of my favorite, I’ve managed to spend some time to visit the place and took some pics for you guys.

I can summarize on the first stage of a tattoo process, it can be said as an ‘introduction’ between you and the needle tattooer.

You’re free to choose a tattoo design from a catalog provided or you can just bring your own tattoo design.

The tools..

What’s in the bag..

and.. the second stage.. there’s none actually, you get the tattoo experience once you hear a sound of bbzzzttttttttt………

Experience that you can only imagine..

A tattooer has to be a quiet artistic person

In order to get one nice tattoo for their customer.

sorry.. have some commercial break just for a blink

A normal size of single colored tattoo normally will takes about 45 minutes to finish the whole process.

After all the pain!! after all the heat!! and all the bzzzttttt!!!! in the end

All are worth it!!

interested? Contact person : 088-761336  Ms. Nadia / Mr. Awad

  1. massy says:

    permanent tattoo ka this? last shot, macam the chinese word for “horse”

    adei, i was reading the sound bzzt bzzt macam bikin sakit gigi ni

  2. esharkj says:

    Yup permanent! Kalau sia tidak silap.. ya mcm horse la that in chinese.

    Ha! Ha! ya bikin sakit gigi that, the time sia pi snap2 memang that bzzztttt sound so irritating since my gigi banyak lubang (mcm jln raya di kk)

  3. Lex Russell says:

    Liking the tattoo work! The P40B Art Collective would approve.

    Lex R

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  5. Keller says:

    Hi, I’m glad here. If someone’s interested in tattoo
    products, please go into to have a look. If
    you saw what you like, pls contact me here:
    or Thank you for your

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