Random Pics #04 – Ganna Tribe

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Random Pics
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Tribe : Ganna
District : Keningau
Claimed to be the smallest tribe community in the world and also it was said to be the oldest tribe in Sabah where there are only 200 of Ganna people who knows how to speak Ganna language.

  1. Daniel says:

    My great great ancestors we’re of Kwijau and Ganna.

    And, embarrassingly, I don’t speak those languages.

  2. esharkj says:

    OMG! Daniel.. you have Ganna blood? I didn’t know that.. Now this getting really interesting. Not to worries, will introduce you to one who knows how to speak Ganna language very well.

  3. alya says:

    nak tanya la ganna ne bangsa dari mana?

  4. esharkj says:

    Hi alya,
    Ganna is actually one of 48++ Sabah’s rich tribes and nowadays, the generation can be found in a district of Keningau, Bingkur, Sabah.

  5. I am intrested to know about the Ganna Tribes I never heard about this tribe before? could you furnish me more about Ganna Tribe please, from the photo I saw the Ganna Costume wearing by those two beauty young lasso is very exotic and colourful, what about male coustumes then? what laungage do they speak? and where do they came from? where can I see those people? tq sir

  6. Amy says:

    tak ada gambar lain selain gambar yang ada sekarang ?…. nak tengok pakaian mereka yang seterusnya.

  7. Elezabeth says:

    i am a ganna girl…. I cant spoke ganna language very fuluntly…. Sogo (1 satu)sugu(2 dua) Miloh(3 tiga) Mimo(4 Empat) sugga(5 lima) ……… Danel nak belajar cari saya….

  8. Elezabeth says:

    correction( Fluently) not fuluntly.

  9. esharkj says:

    Remy Anderson k.k., Amy, Elezabeth..

    I’m not an expert myself, still getting to know more about this tribe also, I’ve been told about this tribe first by one of the Ganna people from their community itself. as for Male costume, at the moment I don’t have any, but will get some nice pictures more about this tribe soon.

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