Below are some pictures I took during the Borneo International Cat Show 2008 last month, held at Sabah Trade Centre.

Wf was there too.. Introducing Kiera, she’s in the Household Pet category.

The Borneo International Cat Show was actually the first show ever held here in Sabah which been officiated by the YB Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Yahya Hussin. There were 4 categories of cat.. Championship Class..

..Premiership Class

..Household Cat

and Kitten Class..

Becky Orlando, one of the professional jury from USA.

and Wayne Trevathan also comes from USA (I like this guy)

Those with DSLR really not want to miss a chance to snap all those cute gorgeous cats..

Including this familiar faces.. Oh! it’s Jacq!

and of course, Wei Chuen was there too.

During a cat show, the person you should ask about almost anything about cats that you don’t know is with the appointed CFA Ambassador (left). CFA Ambassador will guide you through the whole process during the cat show.

Just I’ve noticed.. aren’t the participants are not allowed to approach or even speak with the jury during a cat show?

but what’s up with this guy lady!!

Politics is always politics.. She won one of the 1st prize category cat.. mmmm… does her winning got something to do with the two picture above??

The CFA Ribbons..

The smallest kitten of the show.. 10th Best Household Cat

and introducing.. his name is Polar, Kiera’s brother. he’s not participating, just to keep Kiera comfort during the show.

Lastly, wf won the 4th Best Household Cat for Kiera .. not bad ha, for first timer.. yeayyy!! clap! clap! clap!

For photos of the overall winners.. click HERE!

  1. Zie says:

    Congrats geng, Yay for Kiera!

  2. Shemah says:

    Eh, is that aunty the one that EVERYONE is complaining about?? I read about it at amie’s blog and then Julian kah lagi siapa kah tu complain about this one “Aunty”. Dia kah tu ah?

    Anyways, congrats to Kiera!! Betul2 mau pegi bah tu bawa the kids tapi memandangkan I was really unwell, terpaksa lah miss out. 😦

    Thanks for the pics, shark. Ndak jugak terkempunan sangat..

  3. chegu carol says:

    one question, how did you wife feed kiera until it becomes so gundut like that? mcm garfield ni… but congrats to kiera. 4th placing is not bad lar…next yr sure in the three top spot tu.

  4. esharkj says:


    err.. that guy lady ka? Nope! bukan yg tu.. ada satu yg gumuk2 pakai baju kaler hitam.

    No probs bah!

    chegu carol,
    Royal Canin, kitten type. Ya ba gumuk! baru masuk 4 bulan tuh.. sudah debab. Next year event.. not sure la ada.

    Mieouwwwww!! Grrrr!!!!

  5. esharkj says:

    Yeah! kiut kiut.. you massy didn’t come ka that day?

  6. Kay Kastum says:

    ..hmm this Jacq ah.. she’s everywhere man! Ha ha… no offense Jacq. I’m alright with cats. Nice snapshots man. pro sudah kau.

  7. esharkj says:

    Ya.. Jacq almost everywhere.. ha! ha! this time I got her in action (jgn mara ah Jacq!)

  8. moonyza says:

    Hi, I’ve posted your blog’s link in my blog regarding Borneo International Cat Show.
    I hope you don’t mind and feel free to visit my blog as well.

  9. mc_freak says:

    I would like to response 2 of your controversial statements that you had made above. It is very obvious you do not understand CFA Show Rules and you dare to make such comments.

    First statement of yours:
    Just I’ve noticed.. aren’t the participants are not allowed to approach or even speak with the jury during a cat show?

    There is no CFA Show Rule that stated that an exhibitor cannot speak to the judges. In fact, for your info, the women wearing in black is Diana Rothermel who is a judge on the day before and not on the day when you took this picture!! Sitting beside her is Mr. Dick Kalamayer and he is the Master Clerk and anyone can speak to him.

    Second statement of yours:
    Politics is always politics.. She won one of the 1st prize category cat.. mmmm… does her winning got something to do with the two picture above??

    Do you have any proof politics is involved here? This is a very damaging statement towards Ms Adilah Roose, an Abyssinian breeder. For your info again, she is the only Abyssinian breeder in Malaysia. Her cat won because obviously she had a good cat and this is up to the judge to decide. Are you saying that the CFA judge had conspired with her?

    I had copy of your post here and forwarded to Ms. Adilah Roose since this is pure slander and defamation towards her. You need to be responsible in what you write in your blog.

    Have you personally talk to Ms. Adilah Roose or you just making assumptions?

    For your info as well, I am an exhibitor in this show and I saw the President of FSM, Moonyza Akmal and her husband Suwardi Yakob had been sitting at the table with all 4 CFA judges during dinners before and after the show and Moonyza’s cat got Highest Scoring Cat. So, do you think it is right for the President of FSM to sit same table with the judge while showing her cats at the same time???

  10. Adilah Roose says:


    Would you like the other two persons involved email addresses? You could ask them yourself.

    If politics were really involved, why didn’t the same cat become Highest Scoring for the SAME Judges in the following weekend’s show?

    Am I infamous? Definitely. Am I hated? Definitely. Am I loved as well in the cat fancy? Definitely. Do I breed good cats? Apparently so.

    As for you getting my sex wrong – your eyes, not mine. 😀

    BTW: Here’s the link for the CFA show rules:

  11. Adilah Roose says:

    Oh and by the way…mc_freak is right, I could sue you for libel and slander – would you like me to? I’m very, very sure that the two other persons involved would back up my suit. You are very easy to find after all…

    I wont do anything this time even though I am being urged by others to do so. Deleting your pictures and posts wont help because many have already read it. You know why I wont do anything? Because frankly my dear, you’re just not worth the effort and have been oh so obviously misled.

    Next time my dear, be very careful whom you chose to slander – or, at the very least, ask for advise first from your “beloved” CFA Ambassador before posting such slanderous statements.

  12. Point Crazy Chasing Woman( in Black) says:

    It is quite apparent that a whole bunch of seminars are already in the process of being held in Malaysia in educating the public about basic civic mindedness.
    Being a very staunch Malaysian, I for one have been brought up in a manner that Malaysians are the most courteous, well mannered and filled with customary values that would put others to shame. Alas I did not see it there at the 1st International Cat Show in Sabah.Nor did I experienced this in West Malaysia either.
    For all of you who have just started coming either as a Participant or a Spectator, to a Cat Competition, there is one very simple basic rule to remember. DO NOT TOUCH THE CATS WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION FROM THE OWNER!
    How many times do we as participants need to stress this GOLDEN RULE.
    This golden rule is attributed not only to Cats but to Flowers, Pumpkins, Cows and Sheeps competitions. An owner will not want to lose a single point, if they have entered their cats for competition. We may have a perfect cat but we might lose the points due to presentation, because just before the caging number was called to the judging ring, a spectator had opened the cage and handled the cat, stroking the cat and allowing their children, that had chocolate ice cream dripping off their cones, to handle this cat, that had taken a whole year for the participant to prepare, even before it was born, to be shown, and hopefully to achieve a placing as one of the best in Latin America and South East Asia Division.
    Now, can you honestly tell me if that owner will not freak out and take that spectators head off!!!!!?
    For all those who may not know the going ons in a CFA show, let me enlighten you to the fact, that a Spectators place is at the Judging rings never at the Benching area. This is only for owners and cats, so as they can have a break in between being shown from rings to rings.
    If you need to complain, then take it up with the Organizers, they should have had better security and roping off areas, then no heads would have been rolled. I will do it again, rolling heads, if it should happen again, because educating the public is no easy task as everyone is aware of.
    I had a spectator say to me “what a waste of money, all the cats are sleeping”and proceeded to shake the cages. Duh! Cats are Nocturnal!As this was their first show, as a Participant, I know the club will improve in their management of shows.As my final word, THE CAT MAY NOT BITE BUT THE OWNER WILL!

  13. esharkj says:

    Hi Adilah Roose..
    Firstly, sorry to get your sex wrong and yes I have eyes problem.

    Secondly, sorry I didn’t know the CFA Show Rule is actually allowed participant to speak with the judges/jury. Now only I knew after reading the 46 pages of the CFA rules. Thanks for the link.

    Thirdly, the reason I wrote this particular blog post is NOT to SLANDER anybody/any parties/anyone/anything as per what you’ve written, I write this particular blog post because of my OWN will, just to publish the particular event in my blog in my OWN point of view.

    Fourthly, yes! I’m myself taking full responsible to write such line, NO ONE or NO other parties is directly involved to make any influence/accusation for me to write such line if that is what you think.

    Fifthly, I wrote such line with ”?” with it, so i strongly believe it’s a question and NOT a SLANDER I choose. I don’t even wrote any particular name/names pointing out who is who as my ENGLISH is not as good as you but I do owe you an apologies IF you really feel that you are my SLANDER target which in fact is actually NOT.

    Actually, as a visitor who pays RM5 per entry a day is nothing comparing what they get to see lots of nice + cute + pure breed cat, but at least they have the rights to comment on the event itself mostly about the organizing which I think can be improve a bit here and there. I’m NOT an expert myself, but generally an excellent event show comes from various of comments that builds confidence from lacks of errors. I believe that both the visitor and exhibitor are taking an important role in any event show, and the major thing is RESPECT.. our respect towards the visitors is their respect towards ours.

    Lastly, hope it’s not to late to congrats you on your winning during the show.. and I’m truly so sorry if you really feel some part of this blog is against you as it’s actually NOT at all.

    if you have anything that is not clear from my side, you can actually write me an email : and I try my best to reply you as soon as I possibly can.

  14. wewin says:

    thxxxx for the pics shows on this page…
    the youngest cat was mine…
    can i know when will b the next event???

  15. esharkj says:

    Hi wewin,

    Actually I also have no idea when will be the next cat show here KK, if I hv any updates from the organiser will let u know lah. thanks for dropin by btw 😉

  16. melly says:

    i actually interest to adopt/buy ragdoll cat or persian from lahad,how can i buy a cat/kitten here bcuz i search evrywhre,but i cant find any pet shop..any suggestion/breeder can i serious buying..please email me at anyway congrtz for a winner..all cats so cute!

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