As promised.. here is the continuation bangas post from the Super GT International Series Malaysia 2008 – Super Cars P1.

I start with this mean orange

Nissan 350Z

Wide Body BMW

I don’t seem to like the body kit la.. too square

Toyota MR2 Spyder with my part time model of the day

Nissan Slyvia

Nissan Slyvia Monster Garage

Look at the wide body kit..

Another BMW by Petronas Syntium Team.

This one is much better body compare to the previous white one..

she’s actually is a self taught amateur model

Another Toyota MR2

If you’ve seen the Yellow Bumble Bee of the Autobots..

here is the Nisan 350Z, code name ‘babang bii’ from the decepticons.

Volkswagen GTi

Zero to Hundred EVO 9 with stunning Yellow.

Zero to Hundred EVO 9

My dream machine… with RB26 Dett engine which can be tune up to 500hp or even 750hp with full super tune..

When can I get one of these park in my house garage…

18” 5 piece rims.. sialll punya cun!!

Black EVO9 tune by Zero To Hundred

Another tuned machine by Zero To Hundred, the Skyline GTR33.. love the body works

Lotus Elise S

Actually it’s not easy to get all this super cars photographed

and to get the best angle with your model of the day

with the crowd everywhere.. you really need to get a lot of patience..

especially a beginners photographer like me..

Hope you guys enjoy all the photos.. 😉

Next : Super GT International Series Malaysia 2008 – Race Day!!

  1. massy says:

    santiknya tu kreta @_@

  2. esharkj says:

    yup.. big boys toys actually..

  3. Xander says:

    waaah…….cantik2 lah the kereta…my fav is definitely the Skyline..dream sya jgak that geng..

    ada mcm..koff koff..model2 lain tadik sya nampak..dekat itu Lotu ‘europaS’..errmm..

    ada ‘sniper-shots’ kah? koff…check2 blakang ko boss before u mail me..tee hee hee

  4. esharkj says:

    Oh your fevret car also that skyline tu Xander.. mcm jerung bah the look, dat’s why la sia suka.

    sniper shots?? got bah!! heeee… check2 belakang haa.. ko ni ah!

  5. papajoneh says:

    I love cars with great body…
    my dream car other than ferrari which is too much for sabah road, is the BMW AC SHNITZER Design [mcm salah ja spelling tu]
    BMW M3 class.. best best best.
    no blue color car this time.. sad… all yellows… all warna diraja… hmmm no comment.

  6. sarah says:

    man, these cars are beautiful!!!

  7. esharkj says:

    Yeah! Total awesome.. you like super cars too haa sarah..

  8. Leo says:

    That’s not a GT-R33. It’s a GTST. GT-R’s don’t have sun roofs. =)

  9. esharkj says:

    Hi Leo!
    looks like you also a Skyline lover yourself.. same here 😉

    errr.. are you referring to the Black Skyline? perhaps the sunroof is custom made, not so sure.. anyway thanks for your valuable info.

  10. Charles says:

    Hi,am Charles based in Kenya kindly send me the colour code for the orange supra,yellow evo9,and green evo9 also want to do my cars


  11. Charles says:

    Charles again.i need the colour code for the 1st orange Nissan 350z

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