turns 1 Year 1 month

Posted: August 22, 2008 in What's Fresh

Have you ever wonder how many photos have been uploaded into your blog?

Well, I was so surprised to find out mine was 1,813 photos.. gilak! I never thought my blog has this amount of photos.. are the WP counter is correct?? I don’t know you guys but to me, the amount is a lot. Speaking of a blog that has only 169 post, 589 comments with 87.9 MB used and 2.9 GB (97.1%) upload space remaining at an age of 1 year 1 month.

btw.. Happy belated birthday to huk! huk

  1. massy says:

    Happy belated b’day! XD

  2. Gallivanter says:

    Selamat Hari Jadi! Mana gift sia? 🙂

  3. esharkj says:

    XP tengkiu! tengkiu!

    Tima kasih!! Err.. choki choki buleh kah? Vanilla flavour..

  4. Kay Kastum says:

    Where’s the party gonna be? 🙂

  5. esharkj says:

    Party ahh!! hmmm.. next year lah maybe. 😦

  6. Shemah says:

    Happy belated birthday, made in sabah!! 🙂

  7. Xander says:

    Meh buat ‘kenduri’ bro..hehe…sya bawak nasi-minyak you can bring the rendang..kita raya awal sikit..huhuhu

  8. esharkj says:

    Tima kasih.. bah! hadiah sia??

    Good idea Xander, err.. tapi kenduri ada makan nasi minyak ka bro? itu mcm mo buka cawangan baru ja that!
    p/s : sapa bawak sirap.. sirap bandung..

  9. papajoneh says:

    wah la weii.. my feeds messed up!~!!
    only today found out this.. cilaka.
    Party abis sudahkah?? Aduuuiii.. rugi lagi makan free.
    nebe main lah. congrats dan selamat berupload banyak2 gambar lah.
    sedih.. balik rumah kelaparan.. duuuuiiiiii gia.

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