Durian Outing

Posted: August 7, 2008 in On The Spot
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It’s durians season now here + there.. what are you guys waiting for..

Venue : Segama, Kota Kinabalu (bawah jambatan)
Price : From RM10 – RM45
Time : Starting 5pm until 10pm

other venue : Likas to UMS road, Meruntum to Kinarut road, Sepanggar – Nexus road. (anymore you want to add?)

  1. massy says:

    Durians!!!! *drools..uh oh…lotsa fewd there…dammit…I was thinking about going there for fewd…fried lobak..fried mee hoon damn the fewd sedap oh..@_@ lapar~~~~

  2. esharkj says:

    Yeah Massy.. you like Durian?? bah! there are 2 – 3 lorry of Durians di bawah jambatan Segama there, they even have fried lobak, fried mee hoon, fried rice, fried fried macam2 lah lagi.. tonight go eat there lah.. ha! ha!

  3. shana says:

    wah sedapnyaaa…baru jak pi makan sana bawah jambatan tu..isi durian sedap2,gebu2,lembut2,ehehhe sedapppp

  4. esharkj says:

    Oh! Shana, ko baru pi mkn sana jgk kah!! sadap ba kan, tapi ndak buli mkn banyak2 bah, KK sekrg ‘panas’ gilak…

  5. massy says:

    Oh man..I need to find a day to go there…without interruptions! Everytime I tried going there, ada sija kena balik awal.. GG

    Anyways, tunggu musim sijuk sijuk dulu baru makan panas panas..if not sakit ging

  6. papajoneh says:

    i hate durian.. nuff said!!!!

    LOL~… ada lagi di Foh Sang Luyang, Jln ke donggongon, Near CKS.. so many places..

    if wife wanna eat.. outside house.. hahaha… kesian kan 😀

  7. esharkj says:

    Me also not so wit Durian but still can makan la.. lagi kalau kurupuk durian yg bulat2 packaging color green that, or ice cream durian.. haaa, abis sia makan tuh.

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