While browsing a few search term in Google last week ago, I found out one really interesting topic for me to share here.

My photo has been duplicate and used by some party without me knowing it.

If you check on this blog ‘About’ page, I’ve put one photo of Kota Kinabalu City view shot by me from the Menara Pemerhati Bukit Bendera about a year ago, and this photo has been used by one of fresh tourism related website with a local office address here in K.K which I manage to track.

I don’t want to publish the website’s url here la as I think it’s fine with me that they can use the photo since they using it for non-profit purpose and since it’s without copyright watermark. Not a big deal actually, it’s just I’m feeling fooled by such a big professional organization like them. Well.. at least they could just drop me an email asking my permission to use my photo, and that would be much appreciated as I got plenty of Kota Kinabalu City view pictures in my data gallery which I might consider giving them for free use.. in HDR some more!

See zoom mode here

Now you readers tell me.. is this a VIOLATION or DISRESPECT?

  1. Kay Kastum says:

    Hmmm.. ketara just did some search term, found your photos then ‘save as’….. why don’t you just drop them a mail. See what their respond is.

  2. Jan Shim says:

    A Sabahan blogger in Brunei brought your post to my attention. I have several incidents involving inappropriate use of my photographs this year (and maybe others that have escaped my attention).


    I’ve learnt not to get personal about these things. Do what Donald Trump says on The Apprentice “It’s nothing personal, it’s only business!” Nevermind if the theft is a violation or disrespect, send them your invoice. Full stop!

  3. ethel says:

    Wow, that would hurt. Maybe remind that person you own the pic and that “maybe” you have forgotten to mention that it is YOURS?

    See what he/she/it says.

  4. esharkj says:

    err.. not sure la how they got the pic actually.

    Jan Shim,
    Waah! your case is much more serious indeed compare to mine. Glad that everything are just fine now from your side. Yup! I take your advice.. thanks by the way for dropin by

    Wailauuwehh!! mana ko pigi ah?? sia rinduk sudah komen2 ko this.. =0 welcome back!!

  5. […] or Disrespect : Update here’s an update from the previous post : I’ve been contacted by the head of the company via email yesterday and the company has […]

  6. papajoneh says:

    i have cases where they hardlink lagi.. direct from my blog.. apalah.. without permission. Wasting my bandwidth saja…
    I have a few that I took snapshot. I hate people doing that. Now in yer case, stealing like that.. aiiiyoohhh just email or ask u 1st… as u said, you will give them anyway.. some ppl or company in this case really being ignorant.. they thought we stupid…

    *marah ni ndak dapat tidur!

  7. esharkj says:

    Well PapaJ, that’s life man. But so far now everything are all O.K! Just need to be xtra carefull.
    .. and Yes! I would definitely give them the approval to use the photo if they just ask simple permission for it, like the pics I took during the F2 PowerBoat Race last year, the event organizer send me an email request for the photos and I have no problem for them to use it in their website, in return I received 2 x VIP pass (oppss!! this supposed to be confidential).. ok enough talking.

  8. Frank says:

    I’m not sure about your claim. But if snapshots taken from a spot on general view of a place or event…anybody could have taken the same(snapshot) too.
    If you have pre-aranged a pose in a studio or outside then you have a vilid case.
    The city, the mountain, places of interest have been snapshot from the same angle many times by many people. Everybody has a right on them.

  9. massy says:

    eshark! bulih se pinjam ni post relate to a post i’m gonna make ka? XD mo minta izin dulu

  10. esharkj says:

    Bulih bah kalo ko!

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