The Borneo International Marathon 2008 will be held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo on Sunday 12th October 2008.

The Borneo International Marathon is organise by Championship Sports Events Sdn.Bhd which provides the perfect opportunity for regular marathon and half marathon runners in the region to participate and keep in top racing condition. The Borneo International Marathon promises to offer not only a fantastic race venue, but also a memorable holiday for all. Whether your interests gravitate towards nature, sun or sea, holistic spa treatments, freshly harvested local seafood at unbeatable prices, as well as the opportunity to interact with some of the most hospitable people 5 degrees north of the equator, Sabah is truly a wonderful experience not to be missed.

There will be 5 categories run :

Full Marathon (1Borneo – Tanjung Aru)
Half Marathon (Likas Sports Stadium – Tanjung Aru)
10 kms (Likas Sports Stadium – Merdeka Complex)
Kids 400m
Kids 800m

The starting and finishing point for the marathon will be at Likas Sports Stadium and the route will take runners along some major highlights in the city.

Hurry up!! have you guys register?? fill up your form NOW!!

Registration Deadline : 30th September 2008 (Tuesday). Registration received after 30th Sept 2008 and up to 6:00pm on 11th October 2008 may be accepted with the absolute discretion of the organizers and registration packs will be subject to availability.

Any question about the race?? Click Here! or send your email enquiries at

More detail info :

  1. […] run has been over for few weeks now, you’ve read about the event introduction before and now only just got some free time to upload some photos from hundreds of shots I took […]

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