I know many of you out there have been waiting this post, this kind of post actually is not relevant to this blog itself, but I’m going to post this Autobacs Super GT Malaysian Series 2008 anyway, just doing a favor for you guys as a BONUS for keep visiting + commenting to my not so popular humble blog..

before that, since I have lots and lots and I mean lots of pictures only for this event, I will be posting into three different categories, and to make it more interesting, I just need your feedback of which one would you guys like to see first??

A – The Race…?


B – The Cars..?

or maybe….

Jeng!! Jen!! Jeng!!

C – The GT Queen….?

Let me know your choice of which post you like to see first on the comment box below..

The decision is all yours.. !!!

  1. Kay Kastum says:

    You know what my answer’s gonna be. The babes!

  2. esharkj says:

    Workh! Koff!! Koff!! I knew it you Kay.. he! he!

  3. yazeeds @ Castello says:

    Bro, i want to see ” The Hottest” Japan Gt Queen u snap during Qualifying on Saturday..hahahaha

  4. esharkj says:

    Ok bro no probs! tunggu ahh!! anti sia upload, first hv to finish byk assignment kena kejar dateline nih.. jus be patient cikit la!

    errr.. yang mana ko mau tinguk, yang terkepit tu ka?? workh!! karg!! kah!

  5. […] Super GT International Series Malaysia 2008 – GT Queen A long waited post… since the previous teaser […]

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