Last week’s dinner at Pizza Hut Lintas was total bullshit!!

I’ve ordered one set of meal for two and choosen the Peperoni Delight flavour for the pizza. Then, around 17 minutes later, the pizza arrived which is looks like this :

It seems the pizza is slightly burned, parched, Hangusss!!! Then I told the Pizza staff to check with their kitchen’s staff whether the pizza is actually burned. The she came back and told me “Oh! Ya sir, memang hangus, nanti dorang masakan yang baru”. So I waited for the new pizza to arrive la this kunun..

Then less than 10 minutes, new pizza arrived which is like this :

Don’t you guys think the pizza still look Hangussss!!!. Then the lady quickly walk away and move to another table. I’ve waited for almost 10 minutes to get one Pizza staff to find out what’s the problem until and one chubby guy came over..

Me : Excuse me Boss! sia mau tanya ni pizza yang first one tadi ka or yang baru punya??
RM : Errr.. not sure sir.
Me : Macamana ko tidak sure nih!! who’s incharge here??
RM : Err, me sir! I’m the Restaurant Manager.
Me : Macamana ko ni restaurant manager ndak tau apa-apa ka sia suda duduk almost half an hour ko bilang ndak sure. Ko tengok ni pizza hangus kan.. yang tadi punya ka this??
RM : It’s okay sir! I will give you new one shortly, and this one I give you for free. (while his hand holding the plate)
Me : NO! you give me new one, and this one you can eat yourself, or ko bagi ko punya kucing makan ka.
RM : Very well sir (while he quickly ran to the kitchen)

Not less than 10 minutes, new peperoni pizza arrive :

Now that’s much better pizza. I was lucky, Pizza Hut Lintas has an interior where front part of the kitchen is facing towards the visitors and that’s when I saw the Mr. Restaurant Manager took one pizza out from the oven which he bring straight to the table.

Now I realized the second pizza was the same pizza they gave me at the first time I ordered, why? here are the fact :

– 2nd pizza arrived less than 8 minutes (which fresh new pizza usually took about 17 minutes to serve)
– 2nd pizza look 100% totally the same (budak-budak pun ndak bulih tipu ba!!)
– 2nd pizza they give for free (ceehhhh!!)

After I finish my meal, I decided to gertak those guys a bit, so I took out one dslr camera which I brought and start zooming on every of the pizza staff around, I was looking for Mr. Restaurant Manager but it seems he already M.I.A, so I look for the 2nd girl who brought me the 2nd pizza.

Yaaa, this how she look.. I strongly believed she must be behind all the lies!! (Pok silap punya kes) I couldn’t manage to get her name since she knows she’s been targeted by the shark!!. Lucky the Mr. Restaurant Manager was already cabut awal, otherwise…. Smileeee!! you face on my side bar for one year free promo!!!

moral of the story :

Don’t mess with BLOGGERS!!! especially the one with camera…. jen! jen! jeng! jeng! jeeng!

  1. Infinity says:

    I would suggest that you use the above link to give an official complain to the Pizza Hut management. Hopefully this may help them to improve their service. Poor customer service!

  2. Infinity says:

    Perhaps the management of Pizza Hut should be notify of such situation.

  3. papajoneh says:

    yeah.. i thought you wrongly put the 2nd pics again.. but yes same one.
    Pandai juga diaorang ni. Mau tipu lagi. Sia pun slalu pi sana lintas tu. I always take picture there.. I sengaja. If they messed up abis.. trus front page google search… 😀

  4. esharkj says:

    Woh! Thanks for the info.. yeah! I might try it later.. ha! ha!

  5. esharkj says:

    oh! you selalu2 juga pi lintas makan there ka PapaJ, sia jarang2 la pi sana.

    Wah! ko punya SEO lagi power oh!.. google front page bah! ha! ha!.. jagalah kamurang!

  6. Kay Kastum says:

    Call the call center or write in. That would be the correct channel.

  7. esharkj says:

    Oh! yeah.. you’re right Kay. Abis la durang nih!!!

  8. wel says:

    good info..never thought of this before..well i’d usually ordered for delivery..but whenever I went for pizza treat..i had never experience this..perhaps at certain rest only ah..too bad…better make complaint….

  9. mudeen says:

    Mimang gilak bah kalau begitu, nampak betul bah mau menipu. Bagus… bugus.. bagus teruskan perjuangan mu wahai jerung.

  10. esharkj says:

    You’re lucky, just be carefull la next time.. 🙂

    Ya bah! gilak bah durang tu mau pok silap kunun.. sadap lagi pizza upperstar.

  11. melbie says:

    hihihihi ni barulah power! Sia pun slalu p sana Lintas, pasal macam paling selesa environment … but so far masih bagus customer service sia dapat sana.. cuz I used to work there! 😛 Tapi macam skarang yang manager2 sama staf2 dia suda tukar orang bila sia limpas tingu… so kali tu urang2 baru termasuk manager nda tau macam mana mau handle situation macam tu … nasiblah time sia kerja sana, belum hidup lagi aktiviti blog memblog yang amat happening macam skarang LOL. Tapi time sia dulu, sia ndada pok silap gitu sama customer ah… hohoho

  12. esharkj says:

    Oh! Nasib baik la kan you already quit, if not sia misti minta tulung ko pi carik balik to Mr so call.. Rest Manager. Pok silap butul dorang tuh!! Pok silap ngan budak2 buleh la..

  13. unnamed says:

    cam taik2 jak ko ni…….. karja dulu di pizza. killi batul ko ni…….. c me on tv3…

  14. esharkj says:

    mr/ms unnamed..
    pasal sia suda parnah karja lebih teruk lg dari pizza la bah sia tau kamurang punya trick budak2 tuh…
    customer is paying the service charge is for what????? paying for all the tricks???? or paying for your so call ‘good services’?? think before you act, people got eyes on you..

    p/s: kedai mamak tepi jalan pun ndak pandai menipu!!

  15. unnamed says:


    I’m sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m going to hell la!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Samantha says:

    the pizza hut at bukit hut aeon jusco ,
    the service are very bad…..
    that day i go to eat ,
    i have order 2 sets of pizza,
    but after just come 1 pizza and two water only…
    then i try to ask the waiter,
    but nobody want to answer me….
    then i call waiter to come many time already…
    nobody want to serve me….
    too bad ….
    eat 1 pizza need to wait 1hours…
    the 1 hours just come 1 thing only..

  17. Samantha says:

    ** bukit tinggi..

  18. noname says:

    fucking idiot manager!!!!

  19. noname says:

    Fucking idiot manager!!!
    Fucking idiot manager!!!!!!
    Fucking idiot manager!!!!!!

    memang ada manager!!! yg bodoh.. act like king konon.. tapi very stupid coz still mau tipu customer meja yg belum dibersihkan…. shipalaikaratutku!!!!

  20. noname says:

    i hate managers!!!!! i know i also customer… but i dont use my brain…. hahahahahahahaha!

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