Sabahan Faces – Continuation

Posted: May 21, 2008 in Events

As per what few of the commentators request, they would like to see more photos to be in since my previous post of ‘Sabahan faces’.. Well folks! Bah! ini la dia!! Tinguk la kamu puas2..

This one dedicated to the commentators named si ‘sumandak’

Haa.. ni sumandak cun!..Shhhh!!!!

Our senior citizen were not forgotten also leh…

and last but not least… this one is for.. the one and only in sabah.. our Papajoneh (Who else!!)

He’s been requesting for the pic sumandak yg baju biru (actually mcm color purple ja that)..

Haa..this one dia suda tukar baju.

Hope I didn’t get the wrong dancer + he like all those pics.. (mau belanja salim lagi this)

hope you guys enjoy.. coming up next..

Kota Kinabalu Karnival Kaamatan 2008 which took place last weekend. stay tuned!!

  1. leng says:

    nice snap!!
    wajah gmbira time nari joget..

    -sumandak ranau-

  2. esharkj says:

    leng.. Oh! yang berjoget2 ka you that! yg pakai baju color brown ka that??
    err, which one is you, kalau yang paling montel2, chomel2, bulat2.. err yang kedua la yg paling montel..

  3. leng says:

    ya..yg berjoget
    tp bukan brown
    color grey..
    yg dr ranau tu bha
    pkai sunduk
    paling dpan

    -sumandak ranau-

  4. esharkj says:

    ‘sunduk’ yang mcm tudung tutup kepala ka??
    oh that one ka, pic yang which one the first atas or yang second di bawah tu?

    Oh silap .. ya, ha!! da nampak suda.. yang didepan pulak tuhh.. aisehmen..
    ya mimang montel!

  5. leng says:

    montel pun montel la
    yg pnting chomel kan?
    ko yg mana satu ar time tu?
    sa tdk prasan pula ko take pic kami time tu..

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