Malaysia Airlines Everyday Low Fares

Posted: May 8, 2008 in What's Offferin
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On last Sunday, Malaysia Airlines Managing Director/CEO, Dato’ Sri Idris Jala had made a breaking news on announcement of declaration that Malaysia Airlines is transforming into a World’s Five Star Value Carrier with a promised that you will be able to enjoy 5 Star Service at a low price.

I mean really low price!!

Is it another smart move towards the Malaysia Airlines improvement economic growth by Dato’ Sri Idris Jala himself since the crucial time MAS had spent back few years ago or is it just a way to get along with other low fare carrier.. I don’t have the idea, let the PRO’s + politicians deal with it, what I’ve been noticing was since the announcement on TV, emails and newspapers, starting on 4th May 2008, the site had been jammed all day due to enormous traffic coming to the site, those who manage to log in, then you must be lucky.

Those who interested to get these special fares, you only need to take 3 steps : (While the tickets still available)

Step 1: Go to website at as these fares are only available via the internet.
Step 2: You must buy the ticket at least 30 days before flight departure.
Step 3: Remember these tickets are non-refundable and the flight dates cannot be changed.

  1. misdon says:

    bila ada tambang mura untuk hari raya,,,tolong beri impormasi,,,thanks

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