PIKOM PC Fair 2008, KLCC

Posted: April 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Been to the PIKOM PC Fair 2008 last weekend at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, this was my second visit and just sharing few shots for you guys..

PIKOM PC Fair 2008

The crowd was total pack.. macam sardine!!

Everybody was walking like hungry zombies..

and some says (for those boys who is really ‘gatal’ a.k.a ‘getek’) this is heaven on earth.

Promoter can sometimes become like an insurance agent with nice color uniform..

Lookin at this two hot babes (Not actually hotter than my wife) with nice color sexy uniform, it fees like I’m in Tokyo, during the auto show.

Not bad for a RM80 per day part time job after all. (actually I want to snap from further lower angle)

views at the exit..

from left, Leleng.. wife’s best hardcore buddy, err.. exclude si kepala besar!

Big thanks to this loving couple Leleng + Yazid for bringing us to the PIKOM PC Fair 2008. Next year kami pigi lagi ahh!

  1. Zie says:

    Wow! nice photos… very terang. Hehe, maklumlah, camera baru.

  2. Kay Kastum says:

    Wey, kau tidak kestau aku pun kau datang ah… bulih juga sia belanja kau nasi goreng kampung kah…

  3. esharkj says:

    Koff! Koff! ehemm!! ya camera baru ni.. weekend kalau free we go outing test power kita punya new weapon!

    Aisehmen, nasi goreng kampung is my favourite tu bro! It’s okay la.. next time maybe you blanja me la, err probably during Malaysian Super GT.. don’t want to kacau you working ba.
    p/s: ur logo first draft will be coming soon, tunggu cikit agi ok.

  4. Kay Kastum says:

    Oh cool! By the way, your camera must be hot!

  5. papajoneh says:

    entah kalau sia turun KL ada kah orang mau belanja nasi goreng kampung ah? :sigh:

    I never miss any pc fair… if KL just around the block, i will definitely be there. I may not buy anything but i sure check them all. Some of the promoter.. aduhh.. when i ask some technical sikit.. terus bingung.. how to sell like that…. hahahaha.

    but if u go lower than what you already taken.. sure havoc blog ni. Entah si JJ setujukah ndak tu.. u diam2 share with me ok.. kekekee.

  6. esharkj says:

    Ha! Ha! tidakpa, sia belanja ko makan roti cobra la!

    I knew you such a smart IT guy will sure love PC fair.. 😉

    si JJ?? Aik! how you knew how call her ‘JJ’…hmmm??!&*

  7. gracie-G says:

    mo tny ni…bila lg ada PC Fair d Sabah aa???
    sa terrrrMISSED ba 2 PC Fair.x dpt blik Kk oO..Damn tul..sbb ada kerja d Sandakan….ada ka 2 aa lagi PC fair kna buat d sndakan???
    sepa2 yg taw..tulung bgtaw aa….

  8. esharkj says:

    Hi gracie-G,
    Oh! so you now in Sandakan kah.. aisehman, nasib baik ko sempat tanya.. okeh! you hav a choice to go to KK or Lahad Datu since starting FRI ni ada PC fair di KK dan Lahad Datu serentak berlangsung..

    Date :Friday 8 – 10 August 2008
    Time : 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

    Venue :
    – Sabah Trade Centre, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
    – Dewan Tun Hj Mustapha, Lahad Datu, Sabah

    tap sia suggest ko pi KK punya fair, pasal Sabah Trade Center lebih besar dari Dewan Tun Hj Mustapha, means… more IT gadgets for you to choose lah..

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