Raja Lawak Astro Season 2 Winner

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Take a Brake
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ceritera-raja-lawak-astro.jpgI’ve been so excited + enjoyed watching this programme since the very beginning, Raja Lawak Astro season 2 produced by Astro at Astro Prima. Actually I didn’t really follow the programme from season one, but only this time, Raja Lawak Astro Season 2 have bring up few talented stand-up comedian that brings out good quality comedy, I might say a some kind of a new spice on Malaysian comedy industry.. especially the fresh Raja Lawak Season 2 champ, Ahmad Nabil B. Ahmad or well known as Nabil, his a favorites among most of all contestant and I loved to watch most of his show. For those who missed the show on Astro Prima every friday which already finish last few days, I will put a video on every series of Nabil’s show every week until reach to the finals.. I bet sure you’ll love his comedy too.. Enjoy folks.

Nabil’s Raja Lawak Show week 1

  1. bern says:

    wakaka.. terbaik 5 bintang lol

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