Malaysian Dreamgirl 2008

Posted: March 13, 2008 in Take a Brake
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*This post may be away from MadeInSabah’s ordinary post as this post are dedicated mostly for bachelors. (that’s why it’s under ‘Take a Brake categories’ )


There’s one place you can find tons of young + preety babes around.. the first ever Malaysian online reality model search is now having their hot 12 babes battling who will be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl 2008. The votes are through SMS (well..of course) which you can choose your favourite Malaysian Dreamgirl via SMS at RM1 per vote to decide who will be qualify to be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl 2008.

While looking, peeping and stalking carefully through the contestant pictures, I stumbled upon one girl who is actually a ‘Sumandak’ from the land below the wind, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.. Valerie Vanessa Ebal Anus, she made it to the final 12 and now battling against other 11 hot babes.


She’s sweet 21 and for those Sabahan would love to get this sumandak as the next Malaysian Dreamgirl 2008 send SMS to vote : ‘DREAM 12’ to 33001 (Ceh! Ini baru bilang promote). Check out her profile videos here! Of course she will have my vote.. since you are reading this post excitedly + those chicks.. err.. I mean those contestant.. are to hot too handle, below are their posting pictures..

01-adeline.jpg 02-alison.jpg 03-cindy.jpg

04-eyna.jpg 05-fiqa.jpg 06-hanis.jpg

07-jay.jpg 08-jean.jpg 09-nadia.jpg

10-natasha.jpg 11-ringo.jpg 12-valerie.jpg

Are you had enough? Back to work people….

  1. shanna avril says:


    7yrs exp
    modelling ,movies and drama/tele-drama

  2. galouqe says:

    wow,sume hot2 la.

  3. ravin says:

    very exciting and marvellous.

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