Best Husband Ever – Award 2008

Posted: February 15, 2008 in What's Fresh

 Hope it’s still not to late to say Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone..


The first ever highest award achievement I ever get..
What did you get on your valentine?

p/s : Love you bebeh!! Ummpwahhh..

  1. ethel says:

    Aww.. that’s so cute!

    I got a new mobile phone for V-Day. :mrgreen:

  2. shana says:

    i got ruby bracelet,a ring and a lilac bracelet..where to get that certificate eh?i want to give one to my dad!The greatest dad ever!adakah tu?:D

  3. ethel says:

    Eiii Eshark. Kenapa bah ko teda Contact Form ni? Mau juga ku menggossip-gossip something nih. HAHAHAHA!

  4. jareyj says:

    Eeeeee…dear niii….malulah baby, dear masukkan tu cert dalam blog…..

  5. Kay Kastum says:

    I got myself a McDonald’s meal

  6. esharkj says:

    Wah! u got new hp ka! aisehmen.. sapa kasi haaaa??? Boipren?
    My blog design got few plugin error ba that, until now I couldn’t fix the probs as several contact form already tested but seems all cannot use, due to some of my data on the server corrupted, still tryin to figure out. Some more I’m not teror in coding.
    Maybe you got any solution??

    Not sure where my wife got the cert, she won’t tell me anythin, but sure it was superb.. maybe you can ask her yourself :

    Steady la B.. at least none of hot chicks want to ngorat me this..

    Kay Kastum,
    Alalaa.. McD bro! okla better than nothin right!

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