What Do You Love or Hate?

Posted: January 19, 2008 in Take a Brake

Got this tagged by Nimrodjo, he loves to see the answers, so here goes…

I love to eat : Western + Italian food
I hate to eat : Japanese food

I love to go : Tokyo Auto Show
I hate to go :
Fish market

I love it when : People admiring your talent, works + yourself (especially among girls..Heh! Heh!)
I hate it when : Some fellow pretend they know what they doing but the fact is they’re total idiots

I love to see : Stephen Chow’s movies
I hate to see : Low budget movies that totally sucks

I love to hear : Grunge…..Yearghhh!!! Nirvana
I hate to hear : Opera

and this are some addition (I don’t know if they allow this on Tagging rules.. but who cares!!)

I like to have : Nissan Skyline GTR34 or Nissan 350Z would do
I hate to have : Chicken Pox

I die to have : DSLR Sony Alpha 700
I die not to have : Loose my gorgeous wife..

I’m not tagging anyone, who ever just love this then they can write their own answers, just kindly don’t forget to make link to this blog.. Happy tagging folks!

p/s: thanks to Nimrodjo for tagging!

  1. nimrodjo says:

    Hi eshark…I don’t know you have another blog…good, clean answer you got there…and great addition too…it is a pleasure for me to tagged the sifu of design from Sabah…LOL

  2. esharkj says:

    Ya now you knew nimrodjo! so visit frequent la sometime.. 😉

    The pleasure is always mine, same goes to you.. thanks, but don’t puji me that so la, kembang me this!

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