F2000 Sabah World Cup 2007 Power Boat Race

Posted: December 11, 2007 in What's Hapenin


The F2000 Sabah World Cup 2007 Power Boat Race was held here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo Malaysia.. Today’s race was on the final round and the battle for the champion title was amazingly hot!.. A total of 20 world-class power boat drivers from Holland, Norway, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, US, Sweden, Portugal and many more around the globe. This was such a huge sports event ever hosted by Sabah for the very first time and I just couldn’t resist to come to the event eventhough I’m still with the chicken pox infection.


I came on the last day which is on Sunday to witness the final run, the venue was great + the activities was amazing and the crowds was superb..


this was the main entrance for the V.I.P’s and Organizers.


Check out the wide screen on top where this place are for all members of V.I.P’ and organizers having their makan-makan.


Arrived at 2pm sharp and the race was scheduled to start around 2.45pm.


There are quiet number of booth open along the KK Waterfront road to the main entrance.


selling lots of power boat souvenirs.


When the weather was hot.. it’s good choice to get an ice cream.


and this babe not bad la.. ehhemm!!.. also Hot!


why not get some close up ehh!


and when such a big events like this one, of course the organizers always trying to provide a good facilities for the crowds..


for instance a moving toilet.


There also few activities which quiet interesting before the race start.. like this amateur road magic show. (Sorry couldn’t snap any magic tricks as the crowd was total pack)


But not all the magic works..


Among many of the activities that has been organize, I love those activities that are open for kids to try it out that day.


pity… I want try out this game also, sure I’ll do better than them.


Just when the race is about to start.. here comes the V.V.I.P


It’s Datuk Masidi Majun, the Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister of Sabah.


the welcome greetings by the Sabah Tourism was quiet okay, everything seems so standard, I think they should do more unique or special for this such a big event


instead of people wearing a traditional costume of Sabah holding bunga manggar. BTW overall it was nice.


especially the one that I amazed was the sound of kulintangan gongs and drums.


Not just me who can’t wait till the final race start.. this hensem mat salleh already sweating like hell..


Okay now comes to the highlights of the day.. and this was my V.I.P spot..


The crowd was totally excited and super sporting..


and the boys with huge lenses already get to their spot for some nice angle.


among the crowds that watch the race.. this one…


…is the DIE HARD FANS!!!!


and there you go the race start out of no where.. Kong! Kong! Vroommm….


as you can see, the background was the view of Gaya island.


look how the power boat goes.. man that was super fast.



and the Blue boat was the champion.


lucky I manage to snap this champ. Colin Jelf, this year was his second F2 power boat championship. This guy really fast!


some are quiet fast also


but today was not their lucky day.


and this how they do the Yellow Flag on F2 power boat.


and that’s when the race was stopped for 45 minutes.. Ceh!!


I decided to walk around through the area again instead of just waiting and get exposed with the strong wind by the sea.


one of the activities for sharpen your skills for making a tattoo on the face.


also this game only for kids.. ceh!! sia pun mau cuba ba this!!


It’s a perfect game for parents who got kids that really hyper active a.k.a jajal..


just when things become more exciting, the final race for today was postponed to tomorrow morning becaused of the weather was very windy.. ceh tiau!! BTW those who missed the final results, check them out at the official website of F2 World Cup as I didn’t manage to go to the final race on Monday because I got flu.

  1. ethel says:

    LOL macam hebat pulak this race ni, tapi macam panas lah! Kena sunburn lah kau sana??

    By the way, hey! Your contact form doesn’t work in your design blog lah! I clicked on the “Contact” and no form appeared. Kasi fix leh, aku ada soalan mau tanya ni. 😀

  2. esharkj says:

    Ndakla jugak kena sunburn, sia pakai jaket tebal yg kalau urang kurus nampak macam tagap. Lagi my chicken pox pun mac ada bah!

    Astagaaa.. iyaka!! Alamak, now wonder la I don’t received any Q from that form.. BIG THANKS for the warning haa! k, anti sia kasi fix.

  3. Allwis says:

    hehe,,,ok bah tu,,terimakasih ,,kau sudah singgah tempatku,

  4. Tom says:

    Dear esharkj,

    Can you give me your contact no. because I need to discuss something with you. Urgent. Thanks.


  5. Nice and usefull post, thanks, this is one for my bookmarks!

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