I Got Page Rank ( Part 4 )

Posted: December 4, 2007 in What's Fresh


It’s been a long time since I’ve been update my Alexa page ranking.. from last Sept, Made In Sabah’s blog ranked 791,687 and now December, it’s been increasing until reaching to 327,907. Yeehaaa! Thanks so much to all readers + commentators for your kind interest on this not so famous blog about Sabah. I’ll keep you guys update as frequent as I can and giving you guys the best information + pictures all about Sabah..

Trima Kasih la bah!  *Thank you bah!

  1. kay kastum says:

    Kasih mu diterima…!

  2. ethel says:

    Ya, memang aku tau aku telah menyumbangkan ke arah kenaikan PR mu.

    Aku terima lah kasih mu. :mrgreen:

  3. […] on Alexa Page Rank almost 2 years ago (deh gila punya lama) baru #1,482,034, my best so far was on Sept 2007 ranked at #327,907.. demm! and now Made In Sabah rank at #3,288,983.. for those fresh bloggers, […]

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