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28 Weeks Later

Posted: November 17, 2007 in Take a Brake


Just saw this great horror movie last nite through Torrent downloads. The movie was a sequel of one great horror movie in 2002, 28 Days Later. Some of you might already watch it but some of you might haven’t, me just got my free time which it last nite. Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, released in the UK and US last May, not sure if this movie out in Malaysia. Just to share with you guys this movie really will tear out your pankreas over and make your head explode as it full loads of bloods, screaming, running, chasing, survival and super rage..

here is the trailler, just don’t open my blog and watch the trailler infront of your kids..

Madai Caves Trip

Posted: November 13, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan


Trip to Madai caves was really spookyinteresting.. This massive Madai caves raises from 250 metres from the forest floor and it was one of Sabah’s most important archaeological sites. Madai caves was like a home to thousands of bats since hundreds of years ago and it has been well known for generations among the locals for its supplies of bird nests. This generation comes from the Idahan peoples who has been harvested and they have earned the right for collecting all the nests since 20 generation now.


What’s Your Favourite Meal?

Posted: November 9, 2007 in Take a Brake

When it comes about food, normally I’m quiet fussy about it. I just love fried rice.. Especially fried rice the one mix with sausage in it plus with fried eggs. Waaah!! sadap! So far I’ve tasted Fried Rice USA (Anjung Senja 2nd lot from Promenade) + American Fried Rice (Airport Cafe@T1) is the best in town according to my foodtastometer. Here I got one simple recipe for those who love fried rice.


First get a sausage (usually I use Wise brand) cost around RM2.60. The sausage are cut into two or three part depends on how best you want it to be. Mix it with some  Oyster sauce, Maggi Chili sauce, and little sugar.


and for an extreme combination, mix it together with some prawn, not to much.


and start frying after the kuali getting hot, make sure during frying  both sausage + prawns the api is not too strong as the resulting the sausage to be hangus.


Now come to the rice part, mix the fried rice with one sausage sliced nicely. Normally people will put some mix vegetables but here I don’t put any vegetables in order to get you taste the sausage 100%.


as for the ‘bumbu’ normally I seldom make my own, I just bought one or two instant packet.. Ha! Ha!  Preferably.. Adabi or Maggi the one with wet type not dry type.


In addition to our menu for today gentlemen, get a pack of french fries. Preferably Crisp which you’ll get around RM6.20 nowadays, I still remember there’s one time where you can get one pack of french fries only from RM4.90, so cheap!


There you go.. fries + custom sausage + fried prwan


Last but not least, for more extra extreme added to your menu, for those ‘tambarusian’ get yourself a KFC fried chicken.. Ha! Ha! That’s it for now

Who say’s man don’t cook..