Pom Pom Island Resort

Posted: November 24, 2007 in Jalan-Jalan


Most of you probably already well known about Sipadan island, a world class dive site in the world, but here I’m not talking about Sipadan.. Behold! a new star is born! Pom Pom island. The island situated somewhere near to Mataking island of the Celebes sea.


How to get here? You need to fly to Tawau (TWU) via Kota Kinabalu (BKI) or Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and when you arrive in Tawau airport the Resort of Pom Pom Island will arrange you the pick up to transfer you by a comfortable coach to the fishing town of Semporna.


For self traveller, you can take a journey to Tawau town by air-conditioned bus from Kota Kinabalu, at Inanam Tung Ma Bus station. The fare will cost you around RM50 with 8 hours journey. And later from Semporna jetty you will board a speedboat which will bring you to Pom Pom Island in only about 45 minutes.


The resort consists of 18 Beach Chalets and 26 Garden Villas.


and 12 individual Jungle Lodge which are now still under construction


All chalets and villas are made with wood and bamboo and added a touch of style of local traditional architecture.


There are also 32 Water Cottages built on Pom Pom island and still under fast construction.



This how the Twin chalet looks like.


while this a Queen chalet


There are fresh R.O water available on every rooms, tea and coffe making facilities and whats hot!! Internet WiFi available…


For those Non diver they can just relax and enjoyed the macnificent view.


and for those Diver geek, Pom Pom island is like a heaven’s waiting.. This are the Clownfish or anemonefish.


Turtles.. I think its a Hawksbill Turtle



the sea rich of macnificent marine fishes.


this one was my favourite.. Scorpionfish merely the same as Lionfish. It is beautiful but it’s a venomous species.


It’s a beauty isn’t it..

planning to go Pom Pom Island? Get to know more of Pom Pom Island and make your reservation now by contact the resort personnel HERE!

  1. 3POINT8 says:

    WoW! The water is very clear!!!

  2. Jewelle says:

    Wow, this place looks fantastic!

    We’ve been to Sipadan many years ago and although I don’t dive – snorkel only – the experience was amazing. I wouldn’t mind coming to this place too, perhaps when my kids are bigger and can all swim.

  3. esharkj says:

    Ya.. it’s really a fantastic island. The resort will be fully functional for operations starting next year.

  4. lotusflower says:

    Wow! What an awesome vacation place. Is this in Sabah. Many years ago I was in Sabah at the airport :-).

    Our plane made a stop over there on the way back to Manila. I think I came from Kuala Lumpur that time. I didn’t realize Sabah is soooo beautiful. Well, Sipadan is famous. I think there was a hostage taking there years back?

    Go Sabah!


  5. esharkj says:

    Thanks a lot for the support.. This place, Pom Pom island was actually been in sabah many-many years ago and it just been commercialized to become an option of many beatiful diving spot in Sabah.

    You should visit Sabah sometime because it’s really worth a visit, not just because Sabah has many diving spot, but we have almost evertin man, from mountain, rainforest, river cruise, island hoping, jungle adventure..

    macam-macam ada bah! *everything got bah!!

    cheers to you too.. 😉

  6. Mimzzy says:

    What is the fastest way ahh?? naik bus 8 hours paning aku.
    Then, when is the peak season?

  7. esharkj says:

    Fastest way : is to get a charter flight from Tawau direct to Pom Pom island, a helicopter maybe.. will takes you about 45 minutes of flyin.. err lagi paning ko babe!

    Peak season : starting on July

    Diver : Heaven! (really worth it)
    NON diver : Dont stay to long otherwise you’ll end up boring.

  8. Amir1915 says:

    my home town!

  9. W1 says:

    Sabah indeed has lots of nice island, but i hope we dont take it for granted.
    the pics from their website shows most of the coral are dead. At what cost?
    Over development in such pristine areas might not be a good thing.
    I hope the Mabul project doesnt go through, if not..it’ll be a disaster to the marine life.


  10. mizz mie says:

    twau is awesome place..
    come and c by urself…
    welcme to twau babe…

  11. Chong says:

    Hey Tawau,
    I ‘ll cry if I see u again ! Why ? Because I didn’t see you since I had left you from year 1984.
    How is now Tawau looks like since I left from 25 yrs ago ? Is the Sarbinto Street still exist ? Is anyone do remember a Mun Loong Supermarket or Daiyuen Supermarket ?
    I currently reside in New York , United States but I can’t wait the moment to see you so badly !
    Tawau and New York are both the city very closed to my hearth !
    Chong. New York

  12. yanie says:

    wow,best gilerlah tempat tu.mesti mau pigi nih….konfom

  13. esharkj says:

    Ya ndak rugi pigi ni Yanie, buli jumpa Dugongs..

  14. azim omar says:

    Just came back from Semporna last month (July2009). I have visited many islands nearby. So fantastic panorama especially underwater world. We went to Sibuan and Mataking, the sky is clear and blue. The ocean is awsome and underwater panorama is too fantastic.

    I will always remember the beautiful beaches and hope to come again to Semporna. Love so much the place.

  15. Eventhough i travelled many place all around the world ,i didnt find a place as beutiful as this .Thanks for sharing information about this place.I will surely spend here some time in future .Thanks a lot again..

  16. xinhan says:

    how much one night

  17. georges says:


    I would like to have more information about the resort.

    Can you please provide availability for july 12-16
    and room rates.


  18. muhamad rizzuan says:

    saya ingin ke tempat anda..
    berapakah harga untuk pakej 3 hari 2 mlm termasuk mkan,snorkeling & bot…

  19. esharkj says:

    Those who interested to visit this place, you may call the contact personnel directly from their official website http://www.pompomisland.com/

    Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk pergi ke Pom Pom Island, bulehlah menghubungi terus pegawai resort yang bertugas di laman rasmi mereka di http://www.pompomisland.com/

  20. rambo says:

    tempat cantik……tp bayaran mahal…

  21. esharkj says:

    rambo@ sebenarnya bayaran tdkla begitu mahal jika dibandingkan dengan keindahan pulau pom-pom serta alam persekitarannya dan aktiviti-aktiviti yang memang berbaloi, harga pakej yang ditetapkan adalah berdasarkan tukaran mata wang ringgit malaysia dgn mata wang pelancong luar.

  22. eyai says:

    wowww..nice place..i really want to go..

  23. ranie says:

    pom-pom island!!! i will come 2 uuuuu….next weeeeekkkk…yahooo.!!!!!!…wait for meeeeee….!!!!!

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