I Hate Red Dots!

Posted: November 18, 2007 in What's Fresh


Chicken Pox aka varicella-zoster is a virus that you could never missed in your whole life.. I got this infected since Friday… Dammneddddd! I have to cancel my first ever Paint Ball game today.. iskh! iskh!

The simptoms are queit general where your body will feel a bit tired and sleepy and later you’ll get a fever, It depends very much on the antibody of each individuals where the fever can last for three days but for the strong antibody you would have fever for one night only (like me!) Then second stage, you’ll notice some of your body parts feel very itchy ( I mean very very itchy) then you’ll noticed there’s a few red dots around your body. The next morning you’ll noticed there are lots of red dots compare to last nite (Alamak!!). Next day you would go to the clinic for treatment and you must be quarantine, that’s where your cuti-cuti malaysia at the house begins..

Here are some Do and Don’t tips though you might want to know :

– Don’t eat egg, prawn and Squids and also black ketchup
– Don’t get your shower (Which is my “Don’t” favourite)
– Don’t get your body exposed into outside air (same goes to aircond)Don’t ever scratch your body
– Don’t get direct contact with your loved ones (but ignore this when you with your enemy)

– Do drink lots of Coconut (the young ones with green color)
– Do drinks lots of cooling water (like Cap Badak, Cap Kuda or even Cap Kaki Terbang)
– Do eat shark fin where you mix it with poridge
– Do exposed your body with the ‘kemenyan’ (the stone where the malays usually used for a kenduri)

Anymore tips everyone??

  1. 3POINT8 says:

    Awww….someone is missing their 1st paintball game. Maybe its a sign!!!
    Btw, you really should get out and make some enemies! Ppl will definitely remember you for life!!

  2. cindy says:

    When I got my chicken pox, someone told me not to eat KICAP, or the pox will leave dark spots on your skin.

    Not sure if it’s true.. but wouldn’t wanna risk it! :mrgreen:

    PS: Get well soon lah

  3. esharkj says:

    You want me go out and make more enemies.. alamak! I got plenty of enemies out there to get them infected.. He! He! Good idea man thanks.

    Ya! heard people keep saying not to eat kicap also, tulah aku terlampau jajal jadi sakit gini.. iskh! iskh!

    PS : Tima kasih!! iskh! wooooo!!

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