Pelita Hari Raya!!

Posted: October 12, 2007 in Macam-Macam

The way you lighten up Raya night beside ‘Bunga api’ and ‘Mercun’.. definitely by lighting the ‘pelita’ to bring more colors + light for tomorows Raya day. Eventhough, nowadays people prefer to use electric color light instead of pelita to make their Raya decoration more bright I still choose pelita.

Of course now It’s very hard to find those original home made pelita using bamboo.. so I bought the semi modern type instead. You can get many types of pelita in the market, most of them you can find at Parkson wawasan, Servay KK Plaza, Familia Merdeka Square. Some of them made by aluminum can, some by wood and even plastic. Last afternoon while shoping for the last day, i bought the cheapest one ever.. RM3.90 + 20pcs of Pelita (WOW!! That was cheap) plastic made pelita. Where? Milimewa..


I bought one plastic and there are 20pcs inside.. There are two colors available, Green & Blue.


How you assemble a pelita..


Here’s how, First you have to put and stuck the sumbu inside the sylinder given, until some part of the sumbu come out from the cylinder. Tips : if you don’t want a high flame just a small nice flame, pull the sumbu back inside the cylinder until only a little bit come out. After that put the cylinder inside the hole provided in the middle of the penutup. Later fill the kerosene inside the plastic pelita. now kerosene is lot much expensive compare to car pertol & diesel.. 1L of Kerosene will cost you RM2.20..LOL!! last time when I was kid the price is about RM1 per litter..


Treng! Ten! Ten! Teng! Teng! Behold, my finish assemble pelita.. Cantik kan!

  1. ethel says:

    For a brief moment, I was thinking What if I put a badak sumbu instead of a “sumbu” in?


    Cantik lah the pelitas!

  2. […] Antara lampu hiasan yang paling popular ialah lampu suluh ni(pelita). Kalau dulu kami mana ada main beli, semua bikin sendiri menggunakan tin alluminium, botol dan buluh. Siap ada bikin mariam buluh lagi. Penerangan lebih lanjut mengenai lampu pelita @ Ishak, made in sabah blog. […]

  3. esharkj says:

    ethel : Badak sumbu…. wargh! muargh!! Koff! Koff!! wargh kah!! Koff!

  4. camne erk nak wat pelita……????????????

  5. esharkj says:

    Now tidak payah beli, jus beli kedai semua, tinggal bakar je.. klu mo buat, pi area kampung2, dorg memang kreatif buat pelita sendiri tuh..

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