Halo! Alien Attack in Sabah??

Posted: October 11, 2007 in What's Fresh

I got a message on the phone from my friend c Reynold (handsome boy) this afternoon saying that he told me to look up in the sky and watch the sun.. mcm ufo!!! What the fxxk!!


So I decided to watch la konon using my ‘RockStar’ glasses.. Wallau wehh!! butul2 la c Reynold bilang!!! Kota Kinabalu has been attack by an aliens?? There’s something like a rounded rainbow circling the sun, this was so fantastic.. not so sure how / what / why this thing happens, but according to research on the news bulletin on TV, this was known as ‘Halo Phenomena’.


This is superb! Butul2 jakun bah! Why wait!! I grab the camera then I snap few shot.. pity this kind of angle you might have a problem since you’re snapping directly to the sun and there are no filter around.. further more, I’m not a PRO photographer.


According to the handsome fellow.. Reynold, at first he saw two rainbow circling the sun, but after a while the smaller circle dissappear.. It reported later that this known as Halo Phenomenon.. Hmm! What’s that? mcm main game Halo jak..

Well here what I’ve come up of my own dig + research over the net..

” The halo includes the phenomena of meteorological optics arising from light scattering by refraction and reflection in atmospheric ice crystals. Of the other phenomena, the rainbow and the glory are due to light scattering by water droplets, and the corona is due to diffraction in small particles of any kind, whether water droplets, ice crystals or dust. “

” The word halo comes from the Greek ‘alws, the word for a (round) threshing floor, that also came to be used for the disc of the sun and moon, or of a round shield. It should not be confused with ‘als, which is “salt.” Our word applies mostly to an effulgent ring, which is how the meteorological phenomenon got its name. “

Woooohhhh!!! gituka..

I learn new things today, thanks to my handsome fellow friend Reynold for keep be buzy + make my neck a bit ‘selahau’ this afternoon.. Istidi ba kau!!

  1. mArMaLaDe says:

    ish2….me lambat ba dat time, but still sempat tingu jg…soooo big oh kan!jakun jg la kijap, coz 1st time nampak tu ‘Heroes'(as they say) big like dat…me xsempat take picture, but my *syg sempat..hehe…

  2. Noname says:

    WooH! That was scarry

  3. ethel says:

    Wah, sejauh mana kah kehenseman kawanmu si Reynold ni? Post, post la bah picnya. Jangan lokek bah. Hahahahaha! :mrgreen:

    Hey, just wanna wish you Selamat Hari Raya bah dis actually. Kalau makan kuih tu, ingat-ingatlah kami yang tiada kuih Raya ni.. 😦

  4. esharkj says:

    Wuihhh!! memang hansome c reynold nih! nanti sia curik gambar dia post ngan ko.. tapi c reynold ni actually ndak buli lawan kehenseman aku lagi la.. Heh! Heh!

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