Ready for Raya Everyone?

Posted: October 10, 2007 in Take a Brake


Now It’s already been almost a month we are on Ramadhan month, between the next 1-2 days we coming to Syawal month.. which means Raya is coming very sooonn!! Yeh! Yeh! Talking about Hari Raya, how’s your Raya preparation so far, have you done the kuih raya enough for your coming guest..

Here are 10 questions you must answer in conjunction for this coming raya and see how you do..

How Many Sets of Baju Raya You Have? What Colour?
Me.. I don’t have enough time to make a new one since I got plenty of Baju Melayu from my previous wedding last April.. The colour would be Blue (is a must) Cream + White

How Many Kuih Raya You’ve Made Yourself?
None.. I got it from my mom. Heh! Heh!

How Much Have You Spend For Your Raya Shopping?
Not much since this year I’m not doing the Open House, maybe next year.

How Many Days Did You Score Your Puasa?
So far, I’m still running for a full one month record.. 1-2 days to go..

How Many Days You Missed Your Sahur?
Usually my supper was my sahur.

What Usually You Do After Sahur?

What’s Your Favourite Food During The Raya Open House?
Certainly, Ayam masak merah… rendang daging also nice, and kuih makmur + kuih tart.

What Is The First Thing You Do On The Morning Of Hari Raya?
Have to go to the mosque early in the morning!

How Many Pelita You Have During The Night Before Raya?
Last time when i was kid, plenty I made myself, now I bought the color light yg kilat-kilat berkelip-kelip.

What Raya Actually Means To You?
Mornin go to mosque early, meet parents and ask for forgiveness, hug + kisses + tears abit here and there and later makan time!!

Now I’m sharing + tag this Raya questions to other of my fellow muslims :

Shemah, RatuSyura, Shana, Mudeen, Shueqry, Zie, Eches

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