How’s your time spending with wife?

Posted: October 2, 2007 in Macam-Macam

Poor the wife.. she’s been so boring since this couple of weeks by being alone doing nothing wondering around while playing with mylo + Elma. I have left her into the world of boringness since I’m being packed with lots of design job pending to submit before this Hari Raya coming..

This is what I found on the table.. no wonder she’s asking me for an empty drawing paper and a pen the other day. (mmm.. bulih tahan jugak dia punya drawing nih!)



What can I do more.. I’m not a robot, even a robot also need to shut down and on again. If I have chance to choose a magic widget from Doraemon, I would like to have a duplicate of my self.. So I have myself doing the designing thing, and I have another one of myself washing the car, and I’ll have myself to company my beloved daring wife..

Sorry for the boringness situation, next week if free we go jalan-jalan cari makan ah!!

This was my first ever ‘jiwang’ post version..isk! isk!

  1. shana says:

    santik bah dia lukis!auww kesian juga..why dont u spare an hour or 2 to take her out ?busy memang lah but it wont kill to spend just 2 hours with her kan?heheh

  2. esharkj says:

    ya bah! butul ko cakap.. I bring her out for movies later.. He! He! thanks Shana!

  3. JennyLena says:

    ayoyo…si biru..itu masam pun aadakah ? itu masam ah….itu masa kaasi bagi 5 ka 6 ka bhgn…masam putung2 cake bah….muahahhaha…….

  4. esharkj says:

    Ko ingat Bebini ni senang kah!! mcm makan kek!!

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