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Puasa Time!

Posted: September 13, 2007 in What's Fresh


This was my first sahur menu for the start during this Ramadhan month.. Thanks to the wife for cooked me 0300 am in the mornin eventhough she got to work at 0430 am.

Hope I can score puasa this year with full marks. Happy fasting everyone, wish all my muslim friend around the community : Zie, Eches, Shemah, Ratu Syura, Shana, Shehnaz and Mudeen good luck + have a bright day during this Ramadhan..

Tamu Gadang UMS ke-9

Posted: September 11, 2007 in What's Hapenin


The only spot I’ve visit at Tamu Gadang Universiti Malaysia Sabah ke-9 was the ‘big boy toys’.. the auto show booth!! The time I was there was already almost 2pm, again.. I was late for the drift show since last friday I missed the drift show at Stadium Likas.. ceh! lagi hujan lebat! But again, no matter hujan pun tatap I managed took some pics for you guys who didnt show up.

I Got Page Rank (Part 3)

Posted: September 10, 2007 in What's Fresh


Yeh! Yeh! the PageRank for madeinsabah is keep increasing, best.. some more very fast one woo! Hmm.. ada kemajuan nih! I’m not quite sure why its been increasing very fast from 571,789 last August and 3,152,574 2 weeks later till now was already 791,687. Madeinsabah was only less than 2 months old, 13 posts total + 20 comments but already gain so much PageRank.


Perharps the answer was which I’m using as my blog engine, some more it’s FREE!! I dont really know about WordPress that deep but what I knew about WordPress was WordPress is very strong when it comes to search engine. Here is how my Blog stats reading..


As you all can see, all the keyword which I wrote on my blog post, whether its a Heading/Contents/Subtitle as long as it’s a readable text for WordPress to understand, then it will come out on the search engine, and this when your blog got Hit!

I dont really sure some other blog engine such as blogspot, Livejournal, TypePad is doing the same speed than but so far I like it blogging using WordPress. I got one question for you? what blog engine you use for your Blog? He! He! wanna switch to WordPress? create your own new account then.

(as what I wrote here the word ‘WordPress‘ has been written more than 8 times which means people who type WordPress on the search engine might visit my blog)

New Members In The Family

Posted: September 5, 2007 in Pet Talk

Last week I bought two tiny little cute kitten for the wife.. she have been dreamed + cried of having her own kucing since few months ago since I’m not all the time at the house for her. I told her I can be the kucing also but she prefer I’ll be the horse.. Wargh! Wargh! the horse?? mmm.. okay cut de crap now..

Today I’m produdly introduced to all… Treng teng tet tet teng!!! The new members in the family.


Her name is Elma.. born in 20.07.2007, she’s a Maine Coone + Siamese.


and this is my Mylo! also born the same day as Elma, but I’m not sure who come out first. I always consider his the little brother to Elma since his so manja with the mother.


This a the father to both Elma + Mylo.. not sure how old. mmm.. so serious la the face!


This is the mother.. a Siamese cat, obviously you know Mylo got some brownish tone from who. Both also follow the eyes from the mother.


This handsome young fellow was having an affair with the mother, That’s why Elma got some black stripe on her feet + forehead.. He! He! kedapatan.


This is where Elma + Mylo born.. One big smiley cage somewhere in Putatan, he! he! Sabah born cat! Also this is the place where me + the wife meet them for the first time..


Actually that day the wife was thinking to take only Elma alone.. but since Elma does’nt want to go alone + lookin at my wife’s face so kesiannn.. wokeyla I bought another one.. si Mylo! There a few cats also are for sale from this cage from a price you would never imagine, but Elma + Mylo had caught my wife’s heart.

So that the story about.. on the same day I bought Elma + Mylo, I transfer them to their new house. The kakak (cat seller) was so nice by lending us the mother for few months since Elma + Mylo still nenen lagi..

The wife was so hyper happy!! I’m glad.. 😉 Love u so much bebeh!

Berhati-hati Di Jalan Raya!

Posted: September 4, 2007 in On The Spot


Last night was very lucky I got my camera on the car while drivin home towards Jln. Kepayan-Airport, I caught one accident involved with 2 cars, old Mazda and Perodua Kembara.