Becarefull fellow Sabahans

Posted: September 28, 2007 in What's Fresh

Dear fellow Sabahans.. here I would like to make an important announcement!!

Everybody who go to have a bite for a dinner or even supper at Restoran BTC or Restoran Eddie and another one (right in the corner) situated at Lintas.. PLEASE! !!! Do EXTRA CARE FULL when park your car at the side of the building opposite to Hospital Luyang. Please make sure don’t leave all your valuable belongings inside the car, bring it along with you the time you go to the restaurant.


This because, I’ve a bad experience while parked my car on the road side opposite of Hospital Luyang building (see the BLUE arrow) some jerk fucxxn axx smashed my beloved left side car window.. professionally!!

Can you imagine the time I park the car is around 7:30 pm and I went to Restoran BTC to have some Roti Telur for quick one then around 7:50 pm I walk back to the car and find out the left window already crack. I’ve test the car alarm, it was workin just fine, that’s weird.. seems like this jerk have successfully smashed the window without warn the alarm system (even though my car alarm not the type biasa-biasa one).

Lucky nothing valuable was stolen, just the wife Guest handbag which I bought in PS Boutique..This jerk sure not that clever kind a jerk since What I’ve noticed the SONY vcd player still there and my wallet also there (just on the handbrake). But I still need to get a new glass window for my ‘biru’ Arghhh!!! damxx you jerk!! then later I find out from one Mamak the owner of the restaurant nearby,

he says :
” dullu.. minggu lapass, alda jugak wetu satu sisuzu storm sini parking pun alda cermin kasi piicah jugak, tapi ria punya arram pun tarak bunyikk. Nanti kalu kau pergi puliss etu reeport pun tarda guna jugak, buang ru punya massa saja”

translated version :
” The same situation happens about a week ago where one Isuzu Storm parked at the same place, the window also smashed without warn the alarm, if you’re thinking to report to the police then you’re just wasting your time”

But later I decide to make a police report also lah! at Luyang police station, just making a general action as a citizen.. and the Mamak was right! Gua caya sama lu la! I’ve reach home around 11pm ++ wasted the whole night.. have to make report here then bring the report there and get the final report to this Inspector here..get the signature there.. bla! bla! bla! Cis!!!

This a the video the wife managed to get while I was already geram in action!! Tiauuu!!!

  1. shana says:

    uhhh…sorry to hear that..bikin takut pula mau park sana tau..sia makan sana eddie pun pandai park sana juga..hmm…have to be alert next time..

  2. esharkj says:

    Ya.. actualy anywhere you park always make sure NOT to left your valuable belongings inside the car..

  3. JennyLena says:

    hmm…sia ada sadangkan itu kerita bagus pasang karan. yang tuan punya aja sentuh tidak kana karan. yang lain2 kalu berani sentuh la….terus hitam kana karan…abis masam mana lagi kalu tidak bagini semua itu urang jahat tiada jarah2…

  4. esharkj says:

    Mimang itu urang jahat tidak pandai jarah2.. anyway good idea!!

    Hmm..tap klu kawan ko yg tumpang keta ko mesti mampus kana karan kan bila dia buka pintu. Cit! tdk bulih pakai idea ko ni.

  5. cindy says:

    Alalalalala! My bf and I selalu makan sana Restoran Eddie tuh. Then park around that area also!!!!

    Taruh karan on the kereta also good idea. But takut my anjing go panjat for fun, trus hitam dia!!

  6. esharkj says:

    Ya! becarefull! safe lagi klu park blakang.

    Astagaaaa… your anjing suka main panjat2 karita urang ka!!

  7. cindy says:

    Ya bah… my car paint pretty, pretty, WOW pun… habis kena scratch everytime I balik rumah. They all so excited to see me.. 😦

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