Name Your List of 10 LOST Characters

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Take a Brake


If you’re happen to stranded on one island after survived from a serious aeroplane crash, who are the 10 peoples would you like to have with?

Maria Saraphova

She can join me while I watch the sunset.

Mariah Carrey
She can sing me a song before I sleep… err she can sleep beside me along.

Kurt Cobain
I can hang out + jammed with this guy…yearghh!!

Jim Carrey
He make people laughs when the group get so boring

Jessica Beil (Cellular, Blade : Trinity, Next, Summer Coach)
Urghh! She can be on my camp all the time.

Video Games Characters
Lara Croft : Tomb Raider
She’s the one who will get me some food in the jungle.

Comic Character
This cute creature got all the gadgets that I need.

Superheroes Character
She can be my bodyguard.

Ozel aka Pok Silap! (The Turks Weirdo)
So I can bully + scold + punch him if I’m in a bad mood!

Kurt Angle
because no girls will like him, it’s a good situation for me.. he! he!

Name your own list and write what are the reason.. Hi! Hi!


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