Tamu Gadang UMS ke-9

Posted: September 11, 2007 in What's Hapenin


The only spot I’ve visit at Tamu Gadang Universiti Malaysia Sabah ke-9 was the ‘big boy toys’.. the auto show booth!! The time I was there was already almost 2pm, again.. I was late for the drift show since last friday I missed the drift show at Stadium Likas.. ceh! lagi hujan lebat! But again, no matter hujan pun tatap I managed took some pics for you guys who didnt show up.


Hah! ni tengah mau drift la konon!


The crowd not that so pack, maybe during the morning time there’s lot of people compare to afternoon. But it’s good la can take pics more peacefully.


These three gorgeous drift machine was the most admired that day.


Hmmm.. is this look like TOYOTA Trueno to you? Mcm Ford ja tu!


Mitsubishi Lancer also got!!


But I think, this EVO is more powerfull for rally since its a good 4WD machine.


Besides Trueno, there also Super Car class, brand new Mazda RX8.


There are almost 10 of these Mazda RX8, wahh!! kaya-kaya urang-urang KK nih!


Only one which catch my eyes wide open!! Power tuuu.. GT Wing, Sport Rim (mcm 17” ja), tinted pun mafia woo!




Aik! This one pun mau drift ka!


There are also Scooters… ndak mau ketinggalan jugak!


Hmm!! must be the UMS student owned this cute scooter, quite creative ba urang-urang sabah nih!


When the raining getting heavy, pity there’s no more drift show that time.. and thats when everyone start going home.

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