I Got Page Rank (Part 3)

Posted: September 10, 2007 in What's Fresh


Yeh! Yeh! the PageRank for madeinsabah is keep increasing, best.. some more very fast one woo! Hmm.. ada kemajuan nih! I’m not quite sure why its been increasing very fast from 571,789 last August and 3,152,574 2 weeks later till now was already 791,687. Madeinsabah was only less than 2 months old, 13 posts total + 20 comments but already gain so much PageRank.


Perharps the answer was WordPress.com which I’m using as my blog engine, some more it’s FREE!! I dont really know about WordPress that deep but what I knew about WordPress was WordPress is very strong when it comes to search engine. Here is how my Blog stats reading..


As you all can see, all the keyword which I wrote on my blog post, whether its a Heading/Contents/Subtitle as long as it’s a readable text for WordPress to understand, then it will come out on the search engine, and this when your blog got Hit!

I dont really sure some other blog engine such as blogspot, Livejournal, TypePad is doing the same speed than WordPress.com but so far I like it blogging using WordPress. I got one question for you? what blog engine you use for your Blog? He! He! wanna switch to WordPress? create your own new account then.

(as what I wrote here the word ‘WordPress‘ has been written more than 8 times which means people who type WordPress on the search engine might visit my blog)

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