I Got Page Rank (Part II)

Posted: August 23, 2007 in What's Fresh


Waaaa.. surprisingly today the page rank for this blog site was already #1,392,646 from #3,152,574 last week. Uhh! how come so fast one wooo??.. I wonder is it because of the blog engine that I use is WordPress.com was so awesome or is it because of the number of post/visits/links/referer to this site.. I dont know la exactly, but really siok jgk if you really concern about your blog page rank, it will motivated yourself for keep blogging at least one post everyday. I dont have much article on this site at the moment since I got little time on blogging due to lots + lots of dateline to chase (kesian me kan!), but I got plenty of ready articles to post soon..

keep blogging folks!!

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