Skyline Spotted!

Posted: August 20, 2007 in On The Spot

What kind of Super Street Car would you like to drive in KK, Im sayin cars like Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, Mazda RX7 & RX8, Honda NSX, WRX.. Skyline was the one is my favourite and I really would like to know exactly how many units are they available here.


I just got lucky last Sunday on my way to Likas from Airport I’ve spotted Nissan Sykline in action! not one but two of them..

1st one at the Luyang traffic light towards inanam by-pass.. Black coloured, fresh plate registered, No body kit attached still with fresh standard body and its Sykline GTR34.. it was just on my left while the light is red.


Once the light turns green..vrrooommm, the black skyline start doing his running (Ceh! show off la tu! tambirang btul driver nih), what I’ve manage to snap is just the ‘bontot’.


I try to follow up eventhough I knew it’s impossible with this kind of car compare to mine at least I was just tryin to get a closer snap, wuhh! really kapus-kapus jugak mengejar bah!

Then the 2nd one also at Luyang traffic light but this time towards Lintas..


The bodykit was superb, but no body works are done..pity, and it was indeed a white Sykline GTR34, and its new registered one.


Ceh! ‘sia sia pun’ aku tinguk dorg bawak Skyline ni. So pity la me if I can’t afford to buy one, hmmm.. dapat test drive pun kira oklaba!

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  2. fann says:

    from the looks of it its just a normal GTT

  3. esharkj says:

    don’t judge by its look.. 😉

  4. sharif rizan says:

    sandakan hv 4 skyline i guest…2 gtr v spec ii (yellow and blue).. and 2 gtt (red and grey).. ermm very nice… only lancer ck2a with 4wd evo v engine…hehe

  5. esharkj says:

    Oh! ya sandakan memang got few Skyline lah..

    Oh! yours is EVO 5, waa’aah buleh tahan jugak that? which area Sandakan you Sharif? What color is your EVO..

  6. Skyline says:

    Those aren’t “GTR34’s”. First, it’s called an R34 GT-R, and secondly, those are R34 GT-T’s.

  7. V Spec says:

    that’s a ER34 GT-T! None of the pictures you posted were GTR. The one in white has a bomex bodykit.

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