The Power of advertising..

Posted: August 1, 2007 in On The Spot

Promo Advertising
I went for a house shopping Last weekend on Giant Supermarket in Putatan, formerly known as Bestmart Putatan. Bought lots of ‘makan-makan’ things.. well, the so called Giant Supermarket ‘The Lowest Price Everyday’ is not so lowest price that day tommorow and everyday..


Not like Giant in kehel la, the price here seems like RM0.30 – RM0.70 cents price different to be more expensive compare to other shopping francise in KK. When i came to the chocolate sections (my favs section) I stumble upon into something that I thought was cool for a promo of RM5 chocolate.


It’s Vochelle chocolate.. used 12″ TFT Screen for their chocolate products promo.. Hmmm..jakun tul when i saw this thing (for few seconds), the screen played the advertisement of Vochelle chocolate that we used to watch on tv.. plus the screen comes with sound!


but it seems I cannot find where they put the player console.. hmm, must be bertapuk dalam-dalam.


When talk about the functionality, not so effective, maybe becaused I bought Kitkat instead of this Vochelle itself.. btw great advertising promo though!

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